Statement Of Faith

Open Door Community Church

We believe that there is one God who has always existed and is manifested in three Persons: The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that this God is the eternal source of all that exists, and that having created the universe, He stands superior to and separate from His creation in intelligence, power and holiness, but chooses to live in loving relationship with it.

We believe that mankind is created in the moral, intellectual, and spiritual image of God, and as such, is uniquely more valuable, and above all the rest of creation, with a moral responsibility to interact with and obey his Creator.

We believe that God gave us the Holy Bible, by Divinely inspiring men who knew Him to write the words it contains, and that the original writings are the infallible and inerrant Word of God.

We believe that this Bible is the “operations manual” for the human race, and that by reading it with the enlightening influence of the Holy Spirit, we can know all that is important for us to find eternal life, and that we are morally responsible to obey all we know to be right.

We believe that our original parents offended God by disrespect and disobedience, and in doing so, passed on to all their descendants a natural tendency (nature) that rebels against God, and that because of this, we are all natural born sinners.

We believe that this nature led us all to commit acts of transgression against God’s Law, and that because of those transgressions, we became legally guilty and under condemnation of eternal death.

We believe that because of God’s love for mankind, He chose to come to His creation in the person of the Son, Jesus Christ, and that by a Divine miracle, Jesus was born, (without the sinful nature) of the virgin Mary.

We believe that Jesus lived a sinless life, revealed the truth about God to the world through His life and teachings and then died on the cross, suffering the penalty for sin, as the substitute for the whole human race.

We believe that Jesus was crucified and buried but rose from the dead on the third day, and ascended back to Heaven, but that, because He is God, He is everywhere present, and available to all who will pray to Him.

We believe that if we are willing to turn from our sins, confess them to Jesus, and trust Him to forgive us, we will be pardoned from all our guilt, and will be empowered to live a life above the control of sin, by the Holy Spirit He sends into our lives.

We believe that it is the privilege of every true believer to pray for, and receive by faith the filling of the Holy Spirit who is sent to cleanse and empower us to live victorious Christian lives to the glory of God.

We believe that God has called us, and by His Holy Spirit wishes to empower us, to live lives of holiness here in this present world, and that this holiness consists of true Christ-likeness, in which it becomes our highest goal that the true Biblical life of Jesus should become visible in us.

We believe that the New Birth brings us into the Family of God as His children, and that we share this family as brothers and sisters with all who have trusted in Jesus Christ, and believe and obey the Bible, regardless of race, color, or denominational name.

We believe that Jesus taught we should discern true and false Christianity by the fruit of believers and that not all who say, “Lord, Lord,” are true believers but those who do the Will of God as given to us in the holy, inspired Word of God— the Bible which is the absolute and final authority in all things pertaining to faith and Christian behavior.

We stand with the body of true Christians— the body of true Believers everywhere— on the authority of Scripture and God’s Truth as central to our lives.

We believe what the Bible says about marriage is clear, definitive and unchanging. We affirm biblical, traditional, natural marriage as the uniting of one man and one woman in covenant commitment for a lifetime. The Scriptures’ teaching on marriage is not negotiable. We stake our lives upon the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus.

Because of our faith in what the Bible teaches we will not accept, nor adhere to, any legal redefinition of marriage issued by any political or judicial body. We will not recognize same-sex “marriages”, our churches will not host same-sex ceremonies, and we will not perform such ceremonies.

Because the Bible says that whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, we must do all to the glory of God, we refuse to allow ourselves, our ministries, our facilities, and our personnel to be used for any purpose that is not for the glory of God or that God’s Word declares to be offensive to Him.

Because everything and all we do is a part of our ministry to glorify God, we consider every worker, employee, and volunteer, engaged in service with and for this ministry and it’s branches or subsidiaries, whether officially ordained to preach the gospel or not, to be a Minister of God, and as such must agree to live and abide by the moral standards of the Bible.

While we affirm our love for all people, including those struggling with same-sex attraction, we cannot and will not affirm the moral acceptability of homosexual behavior or any behavior that deviates from God’s design for marriage. We also believe that our first duty is to love and obey God, not man.

We believe that it is our duty and privilege to meet together with our spiritual brothers and sisters to share in Worship, Fellowship, and united Service to God, on a local level, and to be in spiritual unity with all true believers in Jesus Christ on the world-wide level

We believe that it is also our duty to share the message of God’s love for the world, with the world. Because God loves all, it is our duty to tell all. We call this effort to share God’s love with all the world, “Missions.”

We believe that, because Jesus gave us the “Great Commission,” to be truly “Christian,” means we must have a loving concern for the missionary effort of world evangelization.

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